Sport is a great professional opportunity, as it is emerging worldwide and still continue to grow.

Raul said that, In sports business sector, it is an opportunity to acquire more knowledge and increased professionalism.

They are various types of point of views interms of sports marketing and sponsorship  and these are from the brands point of view, company’s point of view ,in the orientation of club, agency that operates the marketing or sporting platform.

Both professional and amateur in this sport are perfectly fit in the program, and you can always work and spend time doing sport even you are in  different level.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is always looking for new prospects. The company has “never been bigger”, according to promotion president Dana White, who says that despite the fact that some PPV didn’t bring in huge numbers at the box office, the promotion is still thriving and making money, all the while hosting a record-breaking number of events across the world, which means there are more fights to put on and more fighters are needed.
Here are some of the rising UFC stars of 2017:
Lando Vannata
During his first two UFC fights, Vannata has put on quite the impressive performances. He stepped in as a late replacement at UFC Fight Night 91, to meet “El Cucuy”. Everyone expected him to be gone just as fast, forgotten. But Vannata proved everyone wrong. He dropped Ferguson with a spinning back fist, followed by a good jab. Then, again, with a head kick. In the second round, however, Ferguson managed to submit Vannata. Seeing his potential, he was then booked to fight against veteran Makdessi. Vannata proceeded to flatten his opponent with an impressive wheel kick – a great contender for “Knockout of the Year”.
Mickey Gall
It seems like just yesterday when UFC president Dana White found Mickey Gall for his “ Lookin ’ For A Fight ” series. There, Gall took a microphone and told White he wanted a fight with CM Punk. He was given the chance to earn that fight – a debut. At UFC Fight Night 82, Mickey Gall managed to submit Mike Jackson after 45 seconds. Then, he found himself facing Punk, who hadn’t had an MMA fight in the amateurs or pros. Gall managed to submit Punk after two minutes and 14 seconds. Sage Northcutt was booked to fight against Gall for UFC on FOX 22. This was the first time in his young career when he faced a challenge, but he succeeded in dropping North cutt with a right hand, finishing the fight with a rear-naked choke.
Josh Emmett
Following a successful UFC debut, Team Alpha Male’s Josh Emmett unfortunately suffered a compound fracture in one of his fingers. He returned at UFC on FOX 22 to fight Scott Holtzman,managing to show even more courage and skill. Emmett swung for the fences in the second stanza, after a couple of takedown attempts. In the final round,he scored a few takedowns, as well as hitting Holtzman with a really good knee – getting a unanimous decision. He proved that he can rise above challenges after his first two fights in the UFC.
Marc Diakiese
Doncaster-born Mark Diakiese had a pretty unstable opening round in his debut versus Lukasz Sajewski (at UFC 204). However, “Bonecrusher” managed to absolutely destroy Sajewski in the second frame, earning himself a TKO victory. Following this, a second fight against Frankie Perez (at UFC Fight Night 102) brought him even more praise.
Despite it also not being a flawless win, he kept his record safe and overcame a cut over his left eye. His ability to overcome these shaky situations at the beginnings of fights should not be overlooked by fans. Following these two
tough tests, Diakiese will have good opportunity to rise further.

Here are some of sports marketing and sponsorship niche:

Have some great sports organization

Deals about advertising

Sponsorship that are media related

Contracts negitiation

Maintaining team’s relationship and media.

Help brand consultation

Planning of events

Manage sponorship

Implementing designs

Efforts with public relationship


Yes things are usually big for things like an upcoming UFC or boxing fight, the hype, the money, the pay-per-view, but what is often overlooked is the betting side of things and how much money is actually made by the bookmakers.

For fights such as any Conor McGregor fight or Mayweather back in the day, huge bets were placed on the outcomes of the fights, leaving bookies with huge profits pretty much every time. Whether the favorite won or not, there’s always enough bets on either side for the bookies to profit.

Let’s have a look at the way these companies promote their offers in order to increase their profits:

  1. Facebook Advertising
  2. Google PPC
  3. Promo Codes
  4. MMS Marketing

Facebook Advertising

The big companies all have to have big spends with companies like Facebook who impose minimum spends when it comes to gambling promotions, we’ve read figures as high as $70,000 per month being the minimum spend for these bookmakers in order to promote on Facebook. The minimum spends generally weed out the smaller less legitimate offers which are good for both Facebook and its users. In the run up to such fights, these companies put a huge amount into displaying ads to get enhanced or special odds on the matches.

Google PPC

Google PPC is a pay per click advertising platform on Google itself. These companies target keywords such as ‘McGregor vs Aldo’ or ‘UFC 204 free bet’ in order to get new players signed up with their sportsbook. This method can be costly as they are bidding with other bookies all competing for the same players and each click can go upwards of $25/£20.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are another way they can get new players to sign up for a specific offer such as using a code MCGREGOR to get enhanced odds on the latest fight. This tends to work great as players think they are getting an exclusive deal. A famous example of this was when Sky Bet used this promotional code for Trump vs Hilary elections.


MMS marketing is often used when a large company such as William Hill, sends a message to all of their database information about the current odds for an upcoming fight or gives them a special deal. This can be a great way to get more wagers placed on either side of the bet e.g. if one side of the fight has too many bets, they may want to target their existing players with a special offer on the other fighter to balance their bets to reduce losses if the favorite wins.


2016 was not the greatest year on MMA record, but there were some of the moments that did not suck. Below are the following:

1. Miesha Tate helped a broken arm little girl and hot a thank you video in return.

2. Amanda Nunes became the first UFC’s Gay Champion, she declared her love to a UFC fighter and to Nina   Ansaroff her girlfriend.

3. People donated in order to help Evangelist ‘Cyborg’ Santos whom his skull was severely broken but he did not need the money.

4A little girl wants a picture with Conor McGregor but forgot her phone so he made it sure that he found her.

5. Paige VanZant was about to do a face-off with Michelle Waterson instead they do a groovy dance-off.

6. Even Michael Bisping’s son doubted him, he still strides it.

7. Neil Magny attended Demian’s Maia seminar after being defeated.

8. Roy Nelson cutest workout partner ahead of UFC Fight Night.

9. Champion Joanna Jedredzjcyk dance to express her love of sushi.

10. Gegard Mousasi stopped playing nice and he gave some of the sharpest trash talks of 2016

The MMA franchise was never in fighting form. It was founded in 1993, and become established as a part of the sports mainstream, the eager fans all over the world have become wider because of its violence, athleticism, and entertainment. This was produced by talent agency WME | IMG for worth $4 billion on only its winning streak.

With a fanbase of 269 million, UFC made it everywhere except to those country’s that has the biggest market that sport has been banned.But all change, lawmakers legalize in the state, which gives UFC an entree to New York’s advertising market and access of the hottest venues in sports which is the Madison Square Garden.

DIno Bernacchi, a UFC sponsor since 2007 stated,  that his compliments to NY, he welcome to the 21st century and better late than never he added. UFC is a big market for them, and it can open more opportunities to get leads to their brands.

The UFC president Dana White says that in New York is a huge opportunity for UFC, because it the media capital of the world so it will helps a  lot to them. Also, due to their appearance people are more aware of agencies and brands.

Senior director of Global sports and entertainment consulting of GMR Marketing says that many of the people think of New York as the head of the fight world as plenty of unforgettable fights took place in New York, also all big leagues are located in New York.

UFC made itself as a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse for thrill seeking fans. This is a major draw for Las Vegas gambling, it was able to build 135 gyms around the world and it’s just last year it reaches $600 million in revenue. It also reaches 1.1 billion TV households worldwide and not only that it also reach 156 countries by pay per view. UFC fights are the world’s largest pay per view events and produces 42 telecasts every year.

White says that UFC has come a long way, now UFC is on TV network and also women compete in the sport. It reaches more viewers and it’s obviously a combat sport. White believes that UFC will expand globally, due to its fighting universality and the difference with it to NFL is that it is global and continue to grow globally faster than they ever will.

One of the 1 to 1 sports for thousand of years is boxing. The correct sequence and technique of messages are the one that makes you be a champion. Also, success in marketing and boxing rely on the same principles.

In an article, it was stated that push notifications are going to be the next platform. Push-driven notifications are being defined now on engagement rather than pull-driven experience. It can not be denied the transfer from pull to push driven engagement, mostly on mobile devices. These push notifications are persuasive and feasible on marketing platform. But, it can not do on their own. They are not working every time for every consumer. A  marketing strategy that wins are combinations of a special approach to each target.

It is like a boxer was trained to strike the body and head, but they are also trained to use both hands to fight and they can combine it anytime. Marketing is not different with this, it’s just that instead of KO they are trying to make a sale or to get a lead.



1. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao (2015) – $400 million

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Saul Alvarez (2013) – $150 million

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Oscar De La Hoya (2007) – $136 million

4. Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson (2002) – $112 million


5. Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II (1997) – $100 million


6. Mike Tyson vs Peter McNeeley (1995) – $96 million

7. Floyd Mayweather Jnr vs Miguel Cotto (2012) – $94 million

8. Evander Holyfield vs George Foreman (1991) – $80 million

9. Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield (1996) – $77.9 million

10.Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley (2011) – $75 million