Boxing Strategy

One of the 1 to 1 sports for thousand of years is boxing. The correct sequence and technique of messages are the one that makes you be a champion. Also, success in marketing and boxing rely on the same principles.

In an article, it was stated that push notifications are going to be the next platform. Push-driven notifications are being defined now on engagement rather than pull-driven experience. It can not be denied the transfer from pull to push driven engagement, mostly on mobile devices. These push notifications are persuasive and feasible on marketing platform. But, it can not do on their own. They are not working every time for every consumer. A  marketing strategy that wins are combinations of a special approach to each target.

It is like a boxer was trained to strike the body and head, but they are also trained to use both hands to fight and they can combine it anytime. Marketing is not different with this, it’s just that instead of KO they are trying to make a sale or to get a lead.




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