Marketing on Betting Promotions for UFC/Boxing

Yes things are usually big for things like an upcoming UFC or boxing fight, the hype, the money, the pay-per-view, but what is often overlooked is the betting side of things and how much money is actually made by the bookmakers.

For fights such as any Conor McGregor fight or Mayweather back in the day, huge bets were placed on the outcomes of the fights, leaving bookies with huge profits pretty much every time. Whether the favorite won or not, there’s always enough bets on either side for the bookies to profit.

Let’s have a look at the way these companies promote their offers in order to increase their profits:

  1. Facebook Advertising
  2. Google PPC
  3. Promo Codes
  4. MMS Marketing

Facebook Advertising

The big companies all have to have big spends with companies like Facebook who impose minimum spends when it comes to gambling promotions, we’ve read figures as high as $70,000 per month being the minimum spend for these bookmakers in order to promote on Facebook. The minimum spends generally weed out the smaller less legitimate offers which are good for both Facebook and its users. In the run up to such fights, these companies put a huge amount into displaying ads to get enhanced or special odds on the matches.

Google PPC

Google PPC is a pay per click advertising platform on Google itself. These companies target keywords such as ‘McGregor vs Aldo’ or ‘UFC 204 free bet’ in order to get new players signed up with their sportsbook. This method can be costly as they are bidding with other bookies all competing for the same players and each click can go upwards of $25/¬£20.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are another way they can get new players to sign up for a specific offer such as using a code MCGREGOR to get enhanced odds on the latest fight. This tends to work great as players think they are getting an exclusive deal. A famous example of this was when Sky Bet used this promotional code for Trump vs Hilary elections.


MMS marketing is often used when a large company such as William Hill, sends a message to all of their database information about the current odds for an upcoming fight or gives them a special deal. This can be a great way to get more wagers placed on either side of the bet e.g. if one side of the fight has too many bets, they may want to target their existing players with a special offer on the other fighter to balance their bets to reduce losses if the favorite wins.



  1. Promo code is the best and fast. Also, Facebook advertising because almost all people has Facebook account.

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