The MMA franchise was never in fighting form. It was founded in 1993, and become established as a part of the sports mainstream, the eager fans all over the world have become wider because of its violence, athleticism, and entertainment. This was produced by talent agency WME | IMG for worth $4 billion on only its winning streak.

With a fanbase of 269 million, UFC made it everywhere except to those country’s that has the biggest market that sport has been banned.But all change, lawmakers legalize in the state, which gives UFC an entree to New York’s advertising market and access of the hottest venues in sports which is the Madison Square Garden.

DIno Bernacchi, a UFC sponsor since 2007 stated,  that his compliments to NY, he welcome to the 21st century and better late than never he added. UFC is a big market for them, and it can open more opportunities to get leads to their brands.

The UFC president Dana White says that in New York is a huge opportunity for UFC, because it the media capital of the world so it will helps a  lot to them. Also, due to their appearance people are more aware of agencies and brands.

Senior director of Global sports and entertainment consulting of GMR Marketing says that many of the people think of New York as the head of the fight world as plenty of unforgettable fights took place in New York, also all big leagues are located in New York.

UFC made itself as a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse for thrill seeking fans. This is a major draw for Las Vegas gambling, it was able to build 135 gyms around the world and it’s just last year it reaches $600 million in revenue. It also reaches 1.1 billion TV households worldwide and not only that it also reach 156 countries by pay per view. UFC fights are the world’s largest pay per view events and produces 42 telecasts every year.

White says that UFC has come a long way, now UFC is on TV network and also women compete in the sport. It reaches more viewers and it’s obviously a combat sport. White believes that UFC will expand globally, due to its fighting universality and the difference with it to NFL is that it is global and continue to grow globally faster than they ever will.